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Doula FAQ's


what is a doula?

A doulaalso known as a birth companion and post-birth supporter, is a non-medical coach who assists before, during, and/or after childbirth by providing physical and emotional support.


How can a birth doula help me?

Continuous support during labor is associated with improved maternal and fetal health and a variety of other benefits, including lower risk of induction, medical interventions and less need for pain relief. These benefits are particularly significant when this support is provided by someone who is not attending the birth as family, friend or medical staff. A doula is there to facilitate the birth experience you desire by keeping you calm, comfortable and focused.


what's the difference between a birth doula and a
postpartum doula?

A birth doula will provide support during and shortly after your unique birth.
A postpartum doula will assist you in your home with basic newborn and postpartum care.
You can read more about my services here.


I'm having a home birth, will you travel to my home?

Absolutely! I will travel to your home, birthing center or hospital.


I'm having a planned c-section. Can I still benefit from doula care?

Yes! I will be your advocate to make sure your c-section is as positive of an experience as possible. This can include advocating for skin to skin, immediate breastfeeding, delayed cord clamping etc. I will also be there to support your significant other and answer any questions that arise. Once you and baby are in recovery, I will help you to achieve a sufficient latch and comfortable position while breastfeeding post cesarean.


can you deliver my baby?

No. As your doula, I do not offer any medical advice or perform any medical or clinical procedures. I am there to support you through your birth and postpartum period offering guidance, resources and referrals so you can find the best information and make your own informed decisions.


how is a postpartum doula different than a nanny or babysitter?

A postpartum doula assists the entire family during the first few weeks after your baby arrives. Postpartum doulas excel at helping new parents make a smooth transition into parenthood, providing emotional support and helping with more intimate tasks like breastfeeding and birth recovery. Nannies are a permanent household employee whose role focuses solely on the children and household duties. As your postpartum doula, I can do light household tasks such as baby laundry, preparing snacks for mom and cleaning/sterilizing bottles etc.

Overnight care is also another service provided which is often referred to as a "night nurse". During overnight care, I will attend to your newborn's needs while allowing mom the rest and assistance she requires to recover and heal.