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hi there!

I am Amber (affectionately known as the other Amber ♥️).

When I took a job as an infant/toddler teacher as a teenager, I knew I loved babies. However, I never imagined I'd end up birthing five children of my own as well as a sixth surrogate pregnancy. Flash forward to now, I have devoted the last decade and a half to educating and supporting new moms and babies while raising and nurturing five babies (though they're not quite babies anymore) at home.

With each of my pregnancies, I aspired to have a natural, non-medicated labor and delivery. It wasn't until the birth of my fifth child that I discovered the undeniable benefit of doula care; as I was finally able to achieve the birth experience I had always desired. Having finally met my goal, I knew from that point on that I wanted to share that feeling of accomplishment with other moms.

I have been trained through CAPPA for postpartum doula care, and received my birth doula training through CBI.
I am CPR & First Aid certified for infants and toddlers and have completed several courses in infant/child development, making me proficient in infant and toddler care. I am also current on all vaccinations including whooping cough.

I look forward to helping you achieve the birth/postpartum experience you desire.

Amber Gunnet


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