Congratulations, you have just discovered (or maybe have known for a while) that you are having a baby! Nothing is more exciting and more nerve wracking than expecting a little bundle. There is so much to do, so much to plan for. There might be something else I'm about to add to your to-do list, finding the perfect photographer to capture this very short time.

N U M B E R   O N E -  S T Y L E!  DO NOT hire a photographer unless you admire their body of work. So many times early in my career I was asked to duplicate things and styles that didn’t reflect the work I was doing. Save yourself some time and possibly heartache and hire someone you already love. Start finding local photographers on Instagram and Facebook to keep track of. When you find a few that you love, then we can move on to number two.

N U M B E R   T W O - B U D G E T. I actually hate that this is second on the list, but let's be real. You need to make sure you can afford the photographer you love (and deserve). Find a photographer that is up front and honest about their pricing. An easy to understand pricing structure is always the best. You want to find a photographer that has options as well. Such as, different collections, payment plans or baby registries. A baby registry is A M A Z I N G. You can actually let your friends and family pitch in to help you reach your photographer's cost. If the photographer you like doesn’t have this option, it might be time to look elsewhere. *We have this option, click here to learn more.*

N U M B E R   T H R E E - L O C A T I O N. You would think this would be at the top, but I'm assuming you have already narrowed your list down to your area. What I mean by location is where do they operate their business? Do they have a studio? This is important to know, and will help you decide. Will you be doing an outdoor session or indoor? If you hire them for your newborn session, will you be cleaning your house for them to come take over or do they have a space for you to come? You should make sure that if they have a studio, you can tour it prior to your sessions so you are familiar with the directions and parking.

N U M B E R   F O U R - The E X P E R I E N C E. What else (other than photos that you like) does this photographer offer? Hair and makeup services are a big one. You are investing in these images that will last a lifetime, you deserve to pamper yourself. What products do they offer as far a prints and wall art? Trust me, as easy and appealing as it may sound to just get a copy of all the digital images, that is NOT why you hire an artist. You are hiring someone to provide you a service, and finishing those photographs on top quality surfaces is very important. As photographers, we have access to the best printing labs in the country that you as the consumer, don't. Drugstore prints are nothing in comparison, those are best for cell phone snapshots. It is imperative that you find a photographer that not only has beautiful images, but provides products that reflect the same style. You deserve the best, go find it!



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