The new year has been off to a great start here at Sugar Free Photography with the exciting launch of our team! Amber has worked for years building a portrait business that exceeds the standards of excellence, and now she is building a brand. That being said, it was time for some extra hands on deck.

Jami has been the assistant on shoots for the past year and has now added on the wonderful title of seamstress for our upcoming endeavors. She has been a crucial part of each session since she started in 2014. Newborn sessions require dedicated focus from Amber and having someone there to be an extra pair of hands makes all the difference. Jami also takes care of a lot of the customer service and with her lovable nature she falls naturally into the role. As if all those things weren't enough, she is also a skillful seamstress. She has truly opened doors for Sugar Free to grow and expand with what we offer.

Scott is the incredibly talented man behind all our videos. He has an unmatched ability to create a profound piece of art in the form of a 2 minute video. You will be hard pressed to find another being who tells a story the way Scott does. He brings his creative skills and over fifteen years of experience to collide with Amber's vision and style. It’s a match made in heaven, and in matrimony. ;)

Last but not least, Tabetha... ME! I could not be more thrilled to announce my arrival at Sugar Free Photography. After running my own portrait business for the past few years, I met Amber while we were both shooting babies on the beach. Long story short, here we are! I shoot babies and maternity with Amber. We take turns posing, wiping and soothing newborns in the morning; Then we traipse through the wilderness with an expectant mother at sunset. In addition to that, I also do most of the family and hospital welcome baby sessions as well as writing the blog.

Amber is passionately in love with what she has created and we are all honored to be a part of it. A beautiful studio for soon-to-be mothers, to be pampered and feel like the goddess they are; One of the most sought after photographers in California (although she is far too humble to accept that title) and a growing client base of remarkably grateful and overall kind people. I often ask her what she did so right to get here, and she really cannot narrow it down to one thing. If I had to guess, it would be her constant desire to be better than before and growing the team of people behind Sugar Free Photography is proof of that.