A new year always brings opportunity for growth and Sugar Free photography has been undertaking a serious renovation. In addition to the awesome team of talent Amber has enlisted, she has also been making physical changes around the studio. A nip and a tuck here and there with new door hardware and bigger changes such as upgraded lighting are making the studio that much better. The improvements don’t end there.  

 If you don’t already know, our studio is one of the largest in Southern California. Amber spent a great deal of time and energy choosing this space with her ideal vision in mind. You first enter the studio to our main lobby, with all of our eco-friendly heirloom artwork on display. You can see and touch everything we offer our clients.  

The recently renovated restroom is on the left, and fully stocked with everything a mom will or would need before and after the birth of her baby as well as items she may need for the session. Toothbrushes with toothpaste, deodorant and nail polish remover are just a few things a mom might realize she forgot at home, and we keep on hand. 

 As you stroll deeper into the studio, you will enter the central shooting area. This is where we hold all of our newborn sessions, including sibling and parent poses. We keep this room stocked with diapers and wipes from the honest company as well as anything else baby might need during the session. To the left is our office, however we are changing that into the prop room, where all those adorable baskets and buckets you see on our website will be stored.  

 Just beyond the shooting area to the right you will find the parent lounge. This is where parents can relax, kick their feet up and enjoy the Apple TV with everything from HBO, Netflix and Showtime. We also offer a wide selection of coffee tea and snacks at the coffee bar which has a large window overlooking the shooting area. That is a favorite for parents because they can watch the entire newborn session from the best seat in the house. This room is getting a little makeover with new flooring and furniture. 

 Just across the hall is our soon-to-be toddler room, currently home to those adorable props I mentioned earlier. The room has a large floor to ceiling window facing the main hallway, so can be seen from the parent room and shooting area. We plan to make this a fun and safe place for older siblings to play while their new baby brother or sister gets their photos done. Amber was a preschool teacher for many years before entering the newborn photography industry, and strongly believes in giving the toddlers a place in the studio as well. The toddler room is expected to be open by June 2016.  

 Next door to the highly anticipated toddler room is the mom's dressing room. (my personal favorite). Here is where all the pretty-pretty gowns live. There is a top quality makeup mirror with lights that has been approved by our professional hair and makeup stylists. Every maternity session comes standard with wardrobe and beauty services. We also plan to update the flooring in this room.  

 Amber and I hope to have an open house to celebrate all the enhancements, pending the arrival of baby Cunningham in June!  



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