- The Unbound Album -

The unbound album is by far the most unique product in the studio. Everyone who walks in and sees it, falls in love with its charm. It is a treasure box we are very proud of. Each image is simply and beautifully surrounded. There is no binding with the idea that binding your album says the story is over. Yet ....your story is still being written. Perfect to add to as your baby grows, your family grows....your story grows.

Includes an heirloom memory box made from rustic walnut with all of it’s beautiful imperfections. it's rubbed with an oil finish that is made to wear, and return as close as possible to it’s natural state. The result is a deep, rich flat finish that is designed to age from being handled and cherished. The box is perfectly paired with a set of 25 fine art, Eco-friendly cotton prints. The unique torn edge of each print lends to a handcrafted artisan feel. Glass vials to preserve the memories not photographed, such as a strand of hair or other tiny reminder of your babies first days. 

 Our unbound album is a great addition to any newborn collection we offer, specifically The baby plan.