Come on dad, get in the photo. How to prepare your husband for your maternity shoot.

 We show you everything we do with moms, but what about dads? What should he do with his hands? Where should he stand? There are many new jobs for a soon to be dad and participating in the maternity shoot should be one of them. But I promise we make it easy. 

 I get asked before every single maternity shoot if dad is allowed to be in some of the photos. The answer is ALWAYS yes. We encourage it! We love when dad is in the photos, and moms love it too. Some day your little one is going to want these photos, and they will want dad in them as well. Think of it as your first family photo with the new baby. ;)

 What should dad wear?

We have all the wardrobe for mom, But what should dad wear? Here are some rules to follow. The clothes should be solid. If there is a pattern, it should be a quiet pattern. All one color. NO PLAID. I repeat, absolutely NO PLAID! Jeans should be muted. Not bright blue. Gray jeans or slacks are the best. Solid button up shirts are also the best. Keep colors in the neutral family. Gray, cream, off white, tans and browns. 

 What about my son? 

 The same rules apply to little boys. Keep it simple solid and neutral. Collared shirts are up to you, they make the photo feel more formal, so it depends on the look you are going for. V-necks and crew necks make the photo feel more casual. Totally preference and your choice. 

When does dad come in?

 For maternity sessions, mom comes to the studio about three hours before the scheduled shoot time. She gets pampered by our hair and make up artist and then we spend an hour on wardrobe styling. Dad and siblings are welcome to hang out in the studio during that time, or meet us at the location at the scheduled shoot time. 

What should he wear to the newborn session?

Same rules apply. Newborn sessions focus on the baby. We like to keep wardrobe VERY simple for mom and dad. Soft cream v-neck or crew neck shirts are perfect. We especially love when dads go shirtless all together.