A baby and some puppies walked into a studio....

a human baby and his pupper friends

An almost true story.

One day a stinking cute baby met two random doggos on the the street and said, “Hey, let’s go to that super amazing photography studio over there and take pictures together.”

So they did.

And the poor photographer almost died from absolute cuteness overload.

puppies 22.jpg

Babes and pups in a crib??
We just can’t even…

puppies 19.jpg

“Do you smell like a baby?”

puppies 17.jpg

(He did.)

We now interrupt this cuteness to bring you: CUTE HUMAN BABY ALERT.

puppies 23.jpg

He stuck his tongue out at the photographer which was quite rude.😛

puppies 21.jpg

But he also did these cute things, so we guess it was okay.

outfit from  www.dimeadaisiee.com

Then the adorable human got into a box.

It was almost too much to handle.

puppies 1.jpg
overalls from www.miajoystudio.com

overalls from www.miajoystudio.com

Oh wait. Did that puppy just get into the box too?? COME ON. 😭

puppies 25.jpg

But then….


Put the doggos in a BOWL?


puppies 10.jpg

Aren’t you supposed to be ASLEEP?

“Who me?”

puppies 9.jpg


“But I’m so cute.”

“Also, I’m not really tired.”

puppies 12.jpg

“Not really, anyway.”

“Wide awake.”

puppies 6.jpg

“I mean, I guess I could just take a little nap…”


puppies 7.jpg


puppies 5.jpg

And that’s the story of some cute puppers and their equally adorable human baby friend.

They came.

They napped.

They snuggled.

They played.

They posed for absurdly adorable photos.

The end.