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how to make frozen postpartum soothing pads

tips from your Orange county doula


Hi mamas!

Amber here, your Naturally Newborn doula. ❤️

I wanted to talk about a topic that you likely know all too well: the aftermath of a vaginal birth. And the uh....discomfort most of us experience. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

After having a vaginal delivery, it is pretty likely you will be in some amount of discomfort, especially if you have had vaginal stitching or tearing (good times!). You will likely be swollen and sore as well. You can ease this discomfort by making your own frozen pads at home to use during the postpartum recovery period. You can make a batch of these and put them in the freezer so they are ready to go when you arrive home from the hospital. It's simple day's task that you will appreciate a millions times over after you'd had your baby.


Things you will need:


  • Maxi pads of your choice. Natracare is a great choice and easy to purchase on Amazon.


  • Aloe Vera Gel (Trader Joe's has a great one!)


  • Witch Hazel (I used Target's brand, but any will do. Here is a great option)


  • Spray Bottle (If you don't want to use plastic, Amazon has some great glass bottle options.)


  • Essential Oils of your choice-lavender/frankincense (You probably have an essential oils rep in your friends list!)


  • Foil or Plastic wrap (any brand will do)


-Start out by filling your spray bottle with witch hazel and then add in 5-10 drops of your essential oils. Lavender is great for soothing the skin and swelling, frankincense is great for skin healing and reducing scarring. I would suggest using the oils prior to making the pads to ensure you do not have a sensitivity to them. Start out with a smaller amount of each oil until you know you can tolerate them well.

Next, lay out your pads, unwrapped.

With clean hands spread some aloe gel on top of each pad. Then you will want to spray a good amount of your witch hazel and oil mixture onto the surface. It should be wet, but not soaked because you will want them to be absorbent enough to use them for postpartum bleeding. Wrap each pad in plastic or foil to keep them clean. Another tip I like it is to place each pad in a bowl while freezing so that they are shaped better to fit your body.

As a bonus, you can use the remaining spray bottle, or make an extra to have on hand. Use this spray during bathroom trips or in between for added soothing. Spray directly on the perineum area.

Your Doula,

Amber Gunnet