A Before and After | Orange County Maternity Photography

Studio maternity shoot before and after


I recently was asked on social media to see the SOOC of this shot (straight out of camera). And I thought, I'll do a quick blog post so clients and photographers can see the love that goes into every photoshoot.

I shot this photo with the intention of making it B&W. I love moody images and there's just something about black and white that adds automatic mood.

To edit I used:

Mastin Labs LR presets for my B&W conversion (tweaked to my style)
Portaiture for LR for initial smoothing
Buffalo Baby Newborn Skin Essentials (love the flake removal for easily removing blemishes)
RadLab's ProRetouch for additional skin smoothing
Glow Portraits action set for vignette (I use both her vignettes and love them)

Obviously I had to extend the backdrop a bit and I cloned out a few major wrinkles in the backdrop. But otherwise, it was pretty good to go.

Oh, and this was shot with my Alien Bee B400.

Anyhoo....hope that was useful!