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The Naturally Newborn Team

We are essentially a group of creative, kind of crazy, but completely dedicated people.

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I could use this space to tell you all of my achievements and why I am the only photographer for you. But the truth is, I'm not sure that what I say here is going to persuade you. Even if I tell you I'm literally the best photographer ever.
(I mean...I could be...)

But I'll get real about who I really am.
I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a daughter and sister.
I am flawed. I forget things all the time. Sometimes days go in between my email replies.
I am an introvert. I'm kind of scared of talking on the phone. I struggle with anxiety and depression.
Running this business is the best and hardest thing I have ever done.

and i love it.

I love creating art. I love taking photos. I am passionate. I love babies. I love bellies. I love all things motherhood.
Nothing compares to the feeling of creating a beautiful photograph. Honestly. It fuels my soul.

I collect coffee mugs and take pictures with them (#mugshots). I love all things lemon and banana flavor. I like to think I have a great sense of humor. But, I'll let you be the judge of that. I have a bit of a potty mouth (but never in front of the children).

If I sound like your people or if you just love my work, let's meet and create magic together. xoxo

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Assistant/Baby whisperer/amber's right hand

Tabetha joined Naturally Newborn in 2015 and since then clients have fallen in love with her easy going personality and gentle nature.

Her ability to read and understand client's needs is a great asset and makes each session a fun and relaxing experience. Babies and parents respond well to Tabetha and we are so lucky to have her on board.

Tabetha's passion for working with babies started at a young age and followed her through to adulthood. Like many young girls, she started out babysitting and quickly learned that she had a natural rapport with babies of all ages.

When Tabetha is not soothing newborns and wrangling toddlers at the studio, she's at home with her two young boys and her husband. She is also a skilled photographer on her own and takes her own client sessions in her free time. She photographs everything from engagements to families and of course, babies. She even took over for a while when Amber was out on maternity leave and handled client sessions beautifully!